Studio Guidelines

  • When class is in session, please enter the studio quietly.

  • Remember to properly hydrate yourself before, during, and after class.

  • Always silence your cell phone while in the studio.

  • Please come to class on time and remain until its completion. This will ensure that you and your fellow students get the most out of each class.

  • During savasana, please remain silent so that other students can achieve the full benefits of this final resting pose.

  • Have fun, take yourself lightly, and remember that change is a process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I reach you?

A: You can contact us by phone & text (951) 529-0346 or email  If we are not available immediately, we will always do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Do I need to sign up for class in advance?

A: Yes.  Please sign up prior to class through the MINDBODY system.  Enrolling ahead of time will ensure that there is enough room and equipment for everyone.  If you are unable to attend class, make sure to cancel your reservation prior to the reservation cutoff time to avoid being charged and allow a chance for those on the wait list to attend. If no one is signed up for class one hour before class, it may be cancelled. If you have any further questions about signing up, please contact the studio.

Q: How many times a week should I attend class?

A: While there is no magic number of classes, it is preferable to aim for at least three classes per week in order to see more significant improvements.

Q: What do I need to bring with me?

A: Bring any equipment that you feel will enhance your practice (e.g., water, towel, yoga mat, eye pillow, props).  While there are high quailty mats available for rent at the studio ($2), most students bring their own.  If you do not have a mat and would like to buy one, high quality mats are available for purchase at the studio.  Wear comfortable clothes with stretch. All classes are done barefoot.

Q: What if I am Late?

A: Should you be late (less than 15 minutes) please enter class quietly…respect your neighbor and their practice. No late entries after 15 minutes past the class start time.

Q: I have never practiced yoga before. Can I still come to class?

A: Of course!  We have made the names and class descriptions new student friendly so you can find a class appropriate to your level. Please get to class 15 minutes early to inform the instructor of any injuries or limitations.  We also have private lessons available, which are a great way for beginners to feel more confident before joining group classes.

Q: Do you sell workout supplies at Reveille?

A: Yes, we sell workout clothing, yoga mats, yoga supplies, and other lifestyle accessories at the studio.

Q: Where can I park when I am at the studio?

A: Parking in Downtown Riverside is becoming increasingly scarce.

The City’s parking is the most inexpensive during most times. Downtown street parking is FREE during classes before 9am (Yay 6am classes!), weekends (Yay weekend classes), holidays and after 5 p.m. weekdays (Yay evening classes!). Metered times are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are $1 per hour. So in a nut shell, unless you are coming to the weekday noon class street parking is the best and cheapest.

There is also free parking for the first 90 minutes and only $1.00 for an additional half hour in the city's parking structures such as the nearby Food Lab. Get a parking map here.

*The parking lot behind the studio is reserved for our clients however has been recently limited by the building owner to 90 minutes for .25 cents. There is a charge of $2 per 30 minutes for going over on time and there is no grace period.* The entrance is on 5th Street, pull in the driveway, take a timed ticket upon entry, the bar will raise allowing you to enter into the lot. The cost for parking is .25 cents for 90 minutes (you will use a ticket you get from the studio front desk to validate upon exiting). Park near the Wit office and walk on Main Street to our front door. Remember to purchase a parking ticket from the front desk to use on your way out that will validate your parking otherwise the lot charges $15 for lost tickets. Please allow for a possible line of cars to get out of the driveway included in your time calculation.

During the Festival of Lights please allow additional time for parking.

Q: How can I pay for classes and/or supplies?

A: You can pay online or at our front desk before class or online. 

Q: Why is the studio named Reveille and how to you pronounce it?

A: Réveillé is the French word for "awaken."  It is pronounced reh-vay.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in downtown Riverside between The Historic Mission Inn and Spa and the newly renovated Riverside Convention Center.

Q: can I fill out the release in advance?

A: Sure! Here it is. You can also fill it out in mindbody while making your profile. 

Q: I bought a deal on Groupon/yelp how do i redeem?

A: Create a mindbody account online and then shoot us an email at and let us know your name, email, voucher number and we will redeem it for you through the computer as soon as possible. You can also walk in with your voucher before class and the front desk can help you. 

Q: Can I use multiple intro offers?

A:  Intro offers such as Groupons are introductory offers only. Valid one per person for new students or any member with a lapsed membership of six months or more. Purchased a Groupon but realize that you do not qualify or your Groupon has expired? You have three options. (1) We can apply the "cash value" (aka amount you paid for your Groupon) towards your account at Reveille and use it for any membership. Alternatively, (2) Contact Groupon and they can refund your money. (3) You may also elect to gift to a friend. Don't toss out that expired Groupon. We will still honor!

Q: My mindbody account says i owe money or wont let me register for classes but i already paid. 

A: Every once in a while there is a hiccup in the mindbody system or a user error. Simply give us a call/email/text and let us know your name and we will look into it for you right away and make it right.

Q: i can't figure out how to sign up for the $59 auto renew and/or i can't find it in the app.

A: In the mindbody system you can click on the contracts tab or as long as your credit card is saved in the system we can set this up for you remotely. Simply give us a call/email/text (951) 529-0346 or email to let us know your name we will get it done. Also, the Reveille Yoga App does not yet offer the capability to purchase auto renew plans.

Q: Is there a minimum age to attend Reveille yoga classes?

A: Our minimum age requirement is 12-years old. Those 12 to 15 must practice with a parent or guardian.  All minors (under 18) must have a parent waiver signed prior to practicing (the parent or guardian must sign the waiver in person at a studio). 

Q: What if I have an injury?

A: You are not alone. Many of us are coming to yoga after sustaining injuries in order to build strength and rehabilitate our bodies. First of all, check with the appropriate medical professionals to make sure that yoga is safe for you and inquire whether there are certain types of movements that you should avoid. You are always welcome to inform the instructor before class of your specific injury and possible limitations. We love to know those things and will help you as best we can, however, we are not physicians or physical therapists. Keep in mind that our studio classes are group classes, so every instructor is working to provide a balanced class for all in attendance. Therefore, we encourage all of our students to listen to their bodies. Students are encouraged to modify or skip poses if necessary and to take breaks as often as they need. If you would like to learn specific modifications for your injury we highly recommend taking a private session or two, then you can take those modifications into your next group class.

Q: How do I cancel or freeze my membership?

A: Our front desk team will be happy to help and may even have suggestions on how to get the most out of your yoga journey. You can freeze your membership for health reasons for up to two months during a calendar year, according to your billing cycle. We do not prorate for travel. For cancellations, we don’t require a 30-day notice, but we do require you email ( us before your upcoming billing date. Please note that many people are on a grandfathered monthly rate, if you cancel you will need to resubscribe at the new plan prices.

Q: Can I rent out the studio?

A: Our newly remodeled studio located in in Historic Downtown Riverside is 1660 Sq Ft. It can host many types of event configurations. Holiday parties, birthdays, bridal showers, and business meetings can seat up to 60 people. It boasts beautiful seaside alpine floors, charcoal baffles in ceiling for noise cancelation, handmade woodwork, huge fine art prints on wood, an eco friendly environment, SONOS sound system, and wifi. Event pricing comes with a receptionist at our front desk to help direct your guests. We can put you in touch with several delicious downtown restaurants which can cater your event. Private parking options may be available. In general our studio is available for rent for $80/hr + $50/hr for each additional hour when it's not otherwise in use. Please email us with inquiries at with details of your event, date, day, times requesting and we'll be in touch if we are able to offer our space.