Casey Angulo, Owner

A couple years ago Casey started having some getting older aches and pains (sigh...). Having loved yoga in the past she decided to get serious about it and address these issues. Not only did it get rid of these problems, it has made her life so much easier. Things like picking her kids toys up off the floor became a snap. She has more strength and loves the stress relief. She also has fun party tricks like standing on her head. She thinks practicing yoga is the fountain of youth. When the previous owner Lauren moved she felt so strongly about keeping Reveille alive that she purchased the yoga studio-- (on May 1st, 2015)! Casey does not instruct. 

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Jeannie has taught yoga for over five years and was a former ballet dancer. She is currently in her second year at Loma Linda University working toward a doctorates degree in physical therapy. She is passionate about having fun in class and working to help students who may have injuries.  



Juliann brings over 15 years of yoga instructing experience although she has been practicing yoga for even longer. She studied with Karin O'Cannon in Newport Beach before she returned to Pune, India. She also completed her teacher training with Riverside's own, Christie Hall. She loves to stay active and spending time with her kids. 


Heather Murillo, Manager & INSTRUCTOR

Heather Murillo was born and raised in Southern California. From a very young age Heather recognized two things: her passion for teaching, and the importance of health and wellness. Heather began her teaching career in academics first, as a high school instructor. These days she incorporates her passion for teaching with her love of yoga. For Heather, yoga is about feeling good, never about competition, with others or yourself. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies, take breaks if necessary, and just do what feels right. Heather works to incorporate balanced sequencing with a power vinyasa style that will leave you feeling refreshed and maybe a little more at peace.

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Jenny found her love for yoga over 8 years ago and pursued her 200 hour teacher training at Western College in 2014. She is currently working on her masters in fine arts at CSUSB. She is a student, an artist, and a world traveler. She finds inspiration through all walks of life from the city she resides in to across the world in Costa Rica, India, and Peru. She is passionate about sharing her love of yoga with her students and her community.



Yesenia Felix is an Ashtanga Practitioner from Southern California. Her martial arts background taught her the importance of discipline at an early age. That isn't to say her classes aren't fun! Her goal is for you to know yourself a little bit better than when you walked in. She completed her 500 hour YTT in 2016 at Western Yoga College and is still a member of their Sangha. Her classes include opportunities for a little bit of meditation, customizable levels of perspiration, and lots of love. Her hobbies include astrology and Ayurveda, and hanging out with her Doxie, Sofia (named for Wisdom).

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Amie is a instructor with a background in gymnastics and ballet. She has taught gymnastics for the past 9 years and after practicing yoga for the last four years she recently became a certified yoga instructor. Her instructor expertise is in Ayanger and Hatha yoga. She is passionate about restorative yoga. 


Janea Hatcher

Janea began her journey on the yogic path in 2015 while looking for an outlet from the busyness of life. Yoga helped her uncover parts of herself and inspired her to live mindfully from day to day. In 2017 she decided she wanted to learn more about the sacred practice. In July 2018 she completed her 200 hour teacher training at Nirvana School of Classical Yoga under the leadership of Leigh Anne Neal. She will always be a student of the practice and is beyond grateful for the teachers who have inspired her along the way. Her classes offer a moderate mindfulness flow and the space to turn inward. Her hope is to help others elevate their minds and soul with yoga as the vehicle.


Ashley Heggi

Ashley has been a yogi for more than fifteen years after being introduced to yoga during college. She’s been hooked ever since and—particularly as a practicing attorney in a demanding profession—learned to utilize yoga to manage stress and anxiety through breath, movement, and community. Ashley is constantly in awe of the body’s capacity to learn, adapt, and push past established limits, the connection between the mind and movement, and the use of breath and awareness to modulate sensation and reactiveness. Ashley received her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in December 2017. Since then, Ashley has been assisting and teaching classes at a variety of locations in Redlands and the surrounding areas, as well as working with private clients. Her classes are structured around intentional sequencing emphasizing individualized alignment and awareness of the mind-body connection while encouraging students to try new things, be playful, and have fun. When she’s not practicing, assisting, or teaching yoga, Ashley loves spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading, and food and wine.



Beth’s personal meditation practice began in 2013 at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA.  A health crisis in her life forced her to look for answers outside of the traditional surgical or pharmacological solutions.  She found the benefits of meditation to be so powerful she decided to train under Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center staff to become a certified meditation instructor.  As a core fundamental practice for grounding, to help with inner calm, & to enhance clarity, Beth shares the teachings and tools of meditation with her students and private clients. 

Following her certification in meditation at the Chopra Center, Beth felt a calling to further her studies in Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is the ancient healing approach to health, wellbeing, and maintaining a body able to age well.  Following a second intensive training program, Beth secured a certification in Ayurvedic medicine and healing.  Through the disciplines of both Meditation and Ayurveda she is able to provide a full complement of services to her clients.  

Knowing that healing & wellbeing start from the inside out, Beth likes to support both her students and clients in reaching optimal wellbeing.  Food, environment, sleep, emotional states, toxicity, stress, and more; all play a role in your HEALTH.  Beth considers ‘health’ to always include, mind, emotions, body, and spirit.  One of her specialties is to help those she works with to believe in the power of resilience.  

Beth also works with people who suffer from chronic pain at a clinic in Loma Linda.  Western medicine no longer considers modalities such as meditation or Ayurvedic wisdom methods as ‘alternative’.  Instead the trend is toward “Integrative Medicine” or “Lifestyle Medicine”.  Having worked in the U.S. military as a Drug & Alcohol counselor several decades in the past, her understanding of the role of medicine, addictions, and dependency along with her deep understanding for how chronic pain wrecks havoc on all the systems of the body, Beth is able to bring compassionate support to those who need relief.  With a track record for helping her patients achieve measurable improvements she is currently writing a book which will share many of the techniques and approaches that have been helpful to her patients. 

Many who come to Reveille Yoga Studio want to learn meditation to help alleviate the harmful effects of stress.  Beth has been able to share stress-reduction methods in her classes, some of which can be used away from the Studio for effective stress-reduction, even in the workplace.  

Whether you want to learn how to integrate meditation in to your life or you feel it is time to look at your health, your energy, or even your aging process, Beth will help you find those keys to feeling your best self.


Kyra huckaby, INSTRUCTOR

Born and raised in California, Kyra attended her first yoga class when she was 16. Quickly, she fell in love. Mostly she enjoyed the idea that everyone was practicing the same thing completely different.

She attended The Marianne Wells 200-hr YTT in Costa Rica in December 2015. Kyra’s class is fun and playful, with options to amp it up a notch or tone it down. She hopes everyone coming to her classes challenges themselves by crossing boundaries they never thought possible. Her main goal as an instructor is create a beautiful balance of staying in tune with yourself, and getting lost in the moment.

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Kennedy Herbst, INSTRUCTOR

With a background in gymnastics, Kennedy has been practicing yoga for 7 years. In 2015, she received her 200-hour teaching certificate in Vinyasa yoga and has been leading classes that specify the importance of breath while focusing on alignment. When teaching classes Kennedy walks each student through a warm-up that is followed by a power flow with a cool down session to end. Kennedy is also passionate about restorative yoga and the effects it has on the body. At the end of a class she hopes that those who attended will leave stress free and bring a positive energy out into the world.

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Melanie Kent, INSTRUCTOR

Melanie has been practicing yoga since 2004. She obtained her RYT-200 in 2011 under Christie Hall in Riverside and has years of experience teaching various types of yoga with the specialties of pre-natal and kids yoga in her repertoire. Her yoga style has an emphasis on alignment and safety within poses. She is currently obtaining her masters degree in kinesiology and teaches high school health. In her free time, she hangs out with her kids ages 15 and 6 months, trains for triathlons, and loves to be outdoors. 

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Vanessa Soriano, INSTRUCTOR

After 12 years of studying spirituality, religion, and philosophy, Vanessa obtained a Ph.D. in Religion and Philosophy with an emphasis in Women’s Spirituality in December 2015. Shortly thereafter, Vanessa completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training. After years of study and practice, Vanessa has come to believe that yoga is where spirit and body unite through asana and conscious breath work. Vanessa believes yoga should feel joyous, accessible, and empowering to all who show up on their mats. Her classes aim to provide students with a sense of strength and calm within their bodies. 


Chelisa Philbrick, INSTRUCTOR

Chelisa took her first yoga class in 2006, and no matter what life threw in her direction, she always found a way back to her mat. Being a stay at home mom for the past 9 years, and both kids in school full time in 2016, her love and passion for yoga became a part of her daily life. She completed her 200 hour training certificate in 2018, and aims to create a safe and positive environment for all of her students. Upbeat and fun, she likes to help encourage her students to grow both physically and mentally. Chelisa is keen to safety and is always exploring new ways to make poses available and accessible to all her students.