Job Description

Reveille is looking for dedicated teachers that want to grow and take their teaching to the next level, are open to being coached, and have the desire to join an amazing team that is changing lives. We are seeking outgoing, engaging team members who thrive in a community environment and are committed to our core values of truth, connection, quality, safety, passion, and growth.

Reveille studio offers vinyasa yoga, specialty yoga classes, and fitness classes – at a variety of levels. Team members enjoy wide range benefits in addition to their compensation including: a complimentary membership, access to specialty workshops, and a discount in our store! This is an independent contractor position that reports to the owner.

In order to provide our students with the best class experience we only hire the best teachers.

Reveille Teacher Hiring Process

    1    Complete application process below

    2    Teachers who meet our initial standards will be contacted to schedule a preliminary audition

    3    Selected teachers are required to meet with the studio manager for training.

    4    Upon completion of the required training, qualified teachers are placed into the studio teacher pool. Please Note: Completion of this process does not guarantee a teaching position with Reveille

Instructor Responsibilities

    •    Arrive to class 15 minutes prior to class start time

    •    Create a class experience that shows your personality and skills

    •    Create a personal connection with each student

    •    Set up class room appropriately: Props, Mat Spacing, Music, Lighting

    •    Provide top notch class instruction that is consistent with the class format

    •    Follow up with students after class

    •    Clean studio space

Position Requirements

    •    Outgoing personality with a strong desire to provide great client service

    •    Genuine ability to connect with complete strangers on a personal level

    •    Demonstrate the ability to teach a safe, fun, and creative class with a genuine interest in student success

    •    Minimum 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification / Group Fitness Certification

    •    1+ years teaching experience and actively teaching

    •    Current Liability Insurance and CPR Certification

    •    Commit to a Independent Contractor Agreement

    •    Have a strong desire to grow and the ability to take on and integrate feedback

Application Process

To apply for a teaching position email the following documents to and follow the instructions below regarding the subject line, resume file name, and body of your email.

    1    Email Subject = Teacher.

    2    Include your full name, telephone number, days and times you are available to teach, and the answers to questions 3 & 4 in the BODY of your email.

    3    What is the one word your friends would use to describe you, and why?

    4    What company has given you the best customer service you have ever experienced, and why do you remember it?

Please Include:

    1    Resume

    2    PDF copy of your Fitness Certification and/or 200hr Yoga Certification

    3    PDF copy of Insurance

    4    PDF copy of CPR

    5    A Photo and short bio

Dear Staff,

Thank you for being apart of the Reveille family. We feel so honored that you chose to be apart of our studio in this capacity. Here you will find our policy and procedures as well as other resources to keep our studio running smooth and improve the lives of our clients. 


Casey Angulo, Owner


Policy and Procedures

Studio Opening and Closing

New students are told to arrive to class 15 minutes early to register, so you must be there at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class to prepare the studio and register students. Typically there will be a front desk person already there. However, If you are opening by yourself here are the directions. After entering, turn on the lights in the front and back of the studio including the floor lamp. If weather permits, please make sure the sandwich sign is put out on the sidewalk area in front of the studio. Make sure the floor is clear from debris. Turn on A/C or heater if needed. Use the essential oil diffuser add play soft music to welcome students. 

To work the stereo system, you will need to use the Sonos App on the ipad or download the Sonos App on your device. You can adjust volume on your prefered device. Make sure that the volume is never too loud. New students must complete an information form and liability waiver prior to taking class. When you collect payment from people record the following information: date; client name; cash; credit card; check number; amount paid; and what was bought. If clothing was bought make sure to include the size, color, etc... Record the name of every student in class in the ipad at the front desk. Remind students to set up their mats within a row. Make sure all borrowed equipment (bolsters, towels, mats, etc) are returned after class.

When leaving the studio, make sure that lights are off, Heat/AC is turned off.  Please take in the sandwich sign if you are the last class. Use the key to lock the front door and back. Make sure that the music is off. Check that the water is not running in the bathroom. Any problems with the studio, including the lighting, heating or plumbing should be brought to the attention of a owner or front desk staff right away. Make sure the studio is locked by checking the doors to make sure it is locked.


Please use the check in iPad to check each student in the class. Most students will have already checked themselves in but make sure you catch any stragglers. If you have a teacher login do not use it to register yourself for classes or workshops use your student log in for that. Information on waivers must be correct and match the entries in MBO. If there is a problem with MBO, or things are not working for any reason, leave the paperwork in the proper folders and slip money in the Chase pouch with a clear note explaining the problem. Always put your name on the note so we can call you if we have questions. If a student uses a credit card, please use the Reveille iPad which is set up with a square app. Log any financial sales. 

Time Off/ Substitute Teachers

Reveille maintains a list of substitute teachers for the studio which we will contact for you. If you are not able to teach your class please let Casey know through this web form... as soon as possible so we can find a sub. We expect a minimum of two weeks notice of conflicts in scheduling with the exception of illness/family emergency. Text Casey regarding emergencies. The more notice the better. However, a pattern of late cancelation of classes will result in the discontinuation of your services. Plan ahead - in providing excellent customer service to our patrons and having respect for fellow instructors, allow us the time to find an instructor who is available to sub your class. 

Off-Site Classes

If Reveille assigns you to teach classes at an off-site organization or business, all Reveille policies and procedure apply to the off-site classes. Reveille retains control of the classes, and if you should become unable to teach the classes, inform us, and Reveille will assign a replacement teacher.

Studio Upkeep

Shoes are to be removed in the practice areas. The following things are not allowed in Reveille: wine, beer, liquor, marijuana and other illegal drugs, firearms or other weapons, and any kind of literature such as tarot cards, or media which has violent or pornographic content. Please do not bring or post flyers for non-reveille events, workshops, or studios. The studios are to be used for the practice and teaching of yoga, and other activities which support the programs of Reveille. Do not use the studios for other purposes. Help is welcome in cleaning the studios, please sweep after each class. Let us know if anything needs to be maintained such as a heaping stack of dirty towels or no toilet paper or drinking water, etc...

Your Personal Conduct as a Yoga Teacher

Be aware how your actions and words align with the values of the yoga tradition, and recognize that the way you present yourself in public, on the internet and in social media reflects on Reveille. 

Keeping Students Safe

Always ask about injuries at the beginning of each class and modify poses for injured students. 

What The Students Expect

Our students enjoy being challenged they are used to holding poses for a few breathes. Most of them expect sun salutations, chair pose, an inversion (plow or shoulder stand), they love working on crow, and a long savasana (one song length) with a head rub in each class. Very few students have indicated they don't like their head being rubbed but always be mindful. We provide essential oils for your use in the studio for enhanced relaxation during the head rub. Students love being invested into, asked about their day, and cared about as a friend.

Fitness Focused Yoga

We want to provide our clients with a non-religious workout that does not infringe on their own personal religious beliefs. If students are looking for the spiritual or mystical aspect of yoga there are other studios in Riverside that specialize in that. Please do not use tarot cards, discuss yogic deities, or chant. Be mindful that your music choices are also non-religious. However, we encourage traditional yoga language when introducing poses and always end our practices with savasana and namaste. We want to stay focused on our students reaping the health benefits of yoga such as flexibility, strength, and posture. We feel that this is what makes us stand out among the rest and is our niche market. 


Instructors will have a base pay rate for up to ten students and for every student beyond ten, you get an additional bonus. Basically this guarantees that you will make something no matter how many people show up. But you will be rewarded if you build up a following and start to pack out the room. The maximum capacity of the room is 30 students. Checks will be cut on the 1st and the 15th of each month and are available for pick up in the studio. Private lessons and workshops will be pre negotiated in advance.  Benefits are a complimentary unlimited membership, half price access to specialty workshops, and a discount in our store. 

Contact Information


Casey Angulo

951.966.2636 or